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A Little About Me

Post by Heather » Mon Nov 01, 2010 11:30 am

I had a very interesting childhood. Dad was involved in all sorts of activities from caving, scouting, bushwalking, army reserves and four wheel driving. From when I was a baby there were trips away for caving and later four wheel driving to various places in Victoria and one big trip to the centre. I enjoyed many camping trips to the Victorian high country and Gippsland, the Mallee, Grampians, Sunset Country and NSW south coast. Very happy memories.

Through my mother I was introduced to history and bush poetry as a child. My memory is that she had a record (or records) with poems such as Said Hanrahan and many by C.J. Dennis. Said Hanrahan is still a favourite.

I studied Biological Science at uni because I wanted to work with animals or in national parks. I left with one final year subject to finish as I found the Botany component totally useless. I married, worked in a bank for a few years, moved to the country and had four children.

My interests in history led me to be involved with the Kilmore Historical Society. I have been on the committee for 11 years and was newsletter editor for most of that time, having retired from that position in the last two months. In 2007 I researched and edited a history book - Kilmore Those That Came Before. For two years I was president of the society which gave me valuable experience in public speaking. I stood down after the 2009 bushfires to allow more time for my volunteer work. I am also a member of the Kilmore Cemetery Trust.

In 2009, following the Black Saturday bushfires, I became involved in volunteering for the fire recovery effort. I have met the most amazing and inspiring people because of that work. It has been a life changing experience for many reasons.

I was introduced to the ABPA site in July 2009 and quickly became hooked on bush poetry. I probably wrote my first poem in September 2009 about the people I had met because of the bushfire. It will never see the light of day but it gave me my start. Through the encouragement and advice of the people on the ABPA forum, I have continued to write and tried to improve my poetry.

In June 2010 I attended my first Poets' Breakfast at the Kilmore Celtic Festival where I read several of my poems. In October 2010 I attended my first poetry festival at Toolangi. Poetry has become a big part of my life. I love the use of words and the mental challenge in composing a poem. I'm here to stay!

Heather :)

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Re: A Little About Me

Post by thestoryteller » Wed Aug 01, 2012 4:08 pm

G'day Heather. Great to see you enjoying your poetry.

Some days your the pidgeon and other days the statue.

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