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william williams

William williams

Post by william williams » Mon Nov 01, 2010 7:11 am

Hi I'm Bill the old Battler Or pain in the rear end if you prefere
I have lived in Queanbeyan for the last 25 years pryor to that Australia was my home.
Well a lot of it any way out back especialy. Bush was my life in my younger days
but age and marrage has taken it's toll, well roaming does anyway. who said writing was for the young
at heart, well it's true. I never started writing till August 2002 no real formal education in english
but a will to have a go. My first introduction to Bush poetry was at Bungendore poets breakfast in 2003 under the MC of Frank Daniels and later at the Gibbs cafe Bungendore and encouragement from Lorraine McCrimmons and my mentor the late Dave Meyers convener at the Queanbeyan chapter of the ABPA poets. Writing is good for the soul and helps to presve history just like the old masters have done so get out and do it before it is to late and enjoy yourselves I do
Bill Williams The Old Battler

Moderators note: Bill, I have given you your own thread as you will be lost if you stay under Peely's banner.

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Re: William williams

Post by thestoryteller » Wed Aug 01, 2012 4:07 pm

G'day Bill. Great to see an Aussie Battler.

Some days your the pidgeon and other days the statue.

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