Collaborative Poem 12 - A Cat Playing

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Wendy Seddon
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Re: Collaborative Poem 12 - A Cat Playing

Post by Wendy Seddon » Fri Sep 23, 2011 3:34 pm

The black cat played piano and he did it with great ease
he nonchalantly walked backwards and forwards on the keys,
and the tinkling of the ivory caused a purr deep in his throat
and you know he seemed to dance in time with every single note.

I watched in fascination as morning sunlight gilded fur
into shades of black and silver, saw a dainty white foot stir
he played pianissimo and then played modernato
and all the time he purred in tune - a regular vibrato.

A cooler cat you’ve never seen in sequined lycra tights,
never had an alley cat reached such lofty heights.
The Opera house booked him to play and tickets sold out fast,
the concert was a grand success, it really was a blast!

He planned to play the score from ‘Cats’ one that he thought fitting
but then noticed his lycra tights around the tail were splitting.
He thought he’d open up the gap and thus let his tail hang
as any maestro does when the ivories they harangue.

His cousin played the fiddle as the cow jumped o'er the moon
both from a line of felines with a talent for a tune,
His sister danced so spirited as on a hot tin roof
his brother was a burglar but he kept himself aloof.

They played a tune called ''Cat and Mouse'' The crowd did clap and cheer,
With big wide smiles like Cheshire Cats, they grinned from ear to ear.
But back at home all hell broke loose, the mice came out to play,
they partied hard, drank all the chard', what would the old Tom say?

The old tom cried “enough you fools I’ve had your caterwauling
and sick to death I am of it, for though my hearing’s failing
I can’t get a wink of sleep at all - so just stop your shenanigans
or better yet just take your noise and make a din at Flanagans.”

Then the melody from the piano was caught by a sweet summer breeze
that lifted it to an apartment that stood over looking some trees.
The music the black cat was playing touched the heart of a special feline
who searched for the source from the window, while sat on a velvet recline.

She raised her voice in song and sang a somewhat sweet refrain
that carried over roof tops to the black cats domain.
It told him of a big event, a chance too good to pass
and should he win, never again would he go business class.

Her call he returned gladly – ‘cross the roof tops it did soar.
He packed his sparkly lycra tights and met her at her door.
Over many generations cats have become fast reactors
they were last seen heading Melbourne way - to compete in the X factor

At Kooyongs tennis court regalia
An old tomcat cried he’s no failure
Pat Cashe’s racquet’s strung with cat gut
And it's my dad’s hard strung pluck

But sport was not in our cat's mind,
the fam'ly trauma left behind.
To vanquish stage fright he would quip
"I'll be OK with more cat nip!"
"All appears to change when we change." - Henri-Frederic Amiel

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Maureen K Clifford
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Re: Collaborative Poem 12 - A Cat Playing

Post by Maureen K Clifford » Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:14 pm

Best put this bloke back in his cage before he begins caterwauling again John - he's done for
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