Christmas Is Coming

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Re: Christmas Is Coming

Post by Wendy Seddon » Tue Dec 15, 2015 1:30 pm

Christmas is coming there is joy in the air
and there are no events that can stop it.
The children are jumping right out of their skins
the excitement builds now bit by bit.

The Christmas tree's laden with baubles and glitz
And bedtime brings wishes with prayers
The countdown is on leaving parents in fits
While claiming "we're not millionaires!"

Road rage’s on the increase as parking gets tight
Gran battles to park her old car
then gives up in disgust – no power steering has she
and her swing’s confined by her new bra.

There’s a car with a reindeer and swinging pom poms
and a bloke wearing a dumb red hat
with a vocabulary to make tradies blush
and Gran yells out –“we’ll have none of that.”

There's Christmas lights glowing on near every house
though some are just over the top.
I hate to just think what their power bill will be
some folk just don't know when to stop.

The shelves down at Woolies are laden with fare
that calorie counters can’t hack
With boxes of chocolates and candy striped canes
all ready for old Santa’s sack

The Christmas hams ordered and now comes the chore
of sorting out one last debate
the turkeys have gobble docked all of these weeks
now one has a date with the plate

The axe is well sharpened now which will it be
as both twitch "not me, he's the best!"
well never mind "twitch" you will both do just fine
Aunt Marthas a ravenous guest

The kids are all watching their elves on the shelf
just to make sure there's no muck
I did not need elves I just got hit with the belt
and a kick up the date just for luck.

Yes Christmas means different things to different folks,
to some it’s a time of good cheer,
to others with memories of harder times
it can be the worst time of the year.

A neighbour who drops by or drops in a card
with perhaps a small sweet home made treat
makes a difference immense, just by crossing that fence.
One could start a new trend in their street.

What ? Johnny McKime who lives down the street
his dog does its stuff on my lawn.
Or old Mrs Johnson who spread gossip and lies
nicks my paper each day before dawn.


Ye olde Christmas cheer and the spirit of giving
I've found has just one little flaw...
you're supposed to be nice to all of mankind
even the ones you abhor!

"All appears to change when we change." - Henri-Frederic Amiel

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