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Dennis N O'Brien


Post by Dennis N O'Brien » Mon May 14, 2012 8:32 am


Now poetry was formal at one time,
Was words arranged with metre and with rhyme
Or metre only, when the verse was blank,
But then it changed, we’ve modernists to thank.

Though changes certainly were sizable,
Still poetry was recognizable,
But as time passed was difficult to hide
That structured poetry was on the slide.

Post modernism – all the rules they changed,
Their works were free and generally deranged,
Now poetry was often broken prose,
The page on formal verse appeared to close.

But some with rhyme and metre still persisted,
This tendency to banish form resisted,
They wished this precious artform to survive,
The rhymes of bush and city kept alive.

The literati gave them scant respect,
But from closed minds this attitude expect,
For fashion is a great and powerful force
And most will tend to take the easy course.

Those in the universities and schools,
The ones who get the cash and write the rules,
No matter how we formal bards may curse
When they say poetry they mean free verse.

But poets of the bush and of the smoke,
The farmer, lawyer, average working bloke
Don’t give up; we are still there in the fight,
That is of course, provided we unite.

© Dennis N. O'Brien, 2012

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