Register of Modern Bush Poets

This is a list of some modern Bush Poets with product or services to offer. Many are also available to perform bush poetry at your event or festival. For enquiries please contact them directly.

This list is dynamic, not definitive. If there are any errors, omissions or further inclusions please contact the Webmaster.




Brian Bell

CD My First CD of Poems

Long John Best

CD More Than Winter Underwear
CD Bush Poetry In Motion
CD Tasha and Other Tales

Mark Both

CD Seeing Through Walls

Jim Brown

CD Caring For The High Country
CD The ANZAC on the Wall
CD "Banjo" & ANZACs

Jimmy Brown

CD Tall Tales & Teardrops




David Campbell
CD & Book Skycatcher
CD & Book Riders on the Wind

Peter Capp
CD Australian Living Legends
CD It's no crime to rhyme


Colin Carrington
CD Down the Track with Mulga Bill

Susan Carcary and Melanie Hall - Mel and Susie on Tour

CD My Country
CD Land of the Rainbow Gold
DVD Mel and Susie on Tour: Live in the Shed


Dennis Carstairs
Book Listen 'ere ol' Mate


Laree Chapman
Book Ride the Wild Spirit ISBN 0-9579199-0-5

Gabby Colquhoun

Book The Gift of The Gab
Book The Gift of The Gab Second Wind


Gary J. Cullen

CD Are You a Cowboy Mister?
Book Are You a Cowboy Mister?



Harry Donnelly

CD The Thoughts of 'H'


Jack Drake

CD The Cattle Dog's Revenge and other humorous verse
CD Dinkum Poetry
CD Bronco Harry’s Last Ride and other irreverent verse
Book Duck Shit
Book Duck for Cover
Book Still Ducking ISBN 0-646-40505-5
Book The Cattle Dog's Revenge ISBN 1-876780-35-5


Colin Driscoll

Book/CD My Fire
CD Memoirs of a Sheep
CD Ducks on the Pond




Kathy "Bridget" Edwards

CD The Good Old Days
Book Bush Poetry – Laughter Love & Limericks
Book An Angel On My Shoulder ISBN 0-646-45271-1

Ray Essery

CD The Mullumbimby Bloke On The Road Again!
CD There's Only Two of Us Heerrre! with Col Hadwell.



Warren Fahey
CD Classic Bush Poetry


Wally Finch

CD Shots of Cheer


Gary Fogarty

Book Three Hats Later

CD The Tartan Saddlecloth
CD Bigger, Sharper Spurs
CD No Apologies



Marco Gliori
CD Marco Gliori is Live Loud & Ludicrous
CD Marco Gliori is Busted
CD Marco Gliori – Up & At 'Em
Book Rise 'n' Rhyme ISBN 0-9577240-4-7
Book Hey You! Read these poems ISBN 0-9577240-0-4


The Goodall Boys
CD In the Bunkhouse


Geoffrey W Graham
CD 100 Not Out
CD The Man From Ironbark
Book Rhythm of the bush  



Melanie Hall and Susan Carcary - Mel and Susie on Tour
CD My Country

CD Land of the Rainbow Gold

DVD Mel and Susie on Tour: Live in the Shed


Melanie Hall

CD From The Bush To The Beach
CD Big Words

Shelley Hansen (Lady of Lines)
CD An Australian Journey
Book Lady of Lines – An Australian Journey Verse by Verse

Murray Hartin
CD Murray Hartin – Muz!
CD Murray Hartin – Fair Crack
DVD Murray Hartin – Bigger Than God’s Undies
CD Rain from Nowhere

Jim Haynes
CD The Best of Aussie Bush Humour
CD Dipso Dan & other Silly Buggers
CD Life's a Laugh
CD Words of Wisdom
CD Well Spotted
Book I'll Have Chips
Book Memories of Weelabarabak: Stories of a Bush Town
Book Great Australian Book of Limericks
Book An Australian Heritage of Verse
Book An Australian Treasury of Popular Verse


Carol Heuchan
CD A Pocketful of Poetry
CD single Why
CD I Say!
CD single Spirit of Woodford
CD Partners
Book Hold Yer Horses
Children's Book  Petunia and the Pony
Book Touching Tales
Book Horsing Around – Australian Rhymes & Ramblings
Book Horseplay  


Andrew Hull (Hully)
Book WEST-People & Places
CD Mostly Original







Vic Jefferies

CD The Ballad of Sweet Abigail and Other Poems


Bessie Jennings

CD The Best of Bessie


Graeme Johnson (The Rhymer from Ryde)
CD Light
CD Full Strength
2 CD Set Home Brew

Ken Jones

Book The City Slickin' Bard
Ph 02 4928 1749


Brenda Joy (aka Brenda Joy Pritchard)

CD Australian Free
CD Under the Southern Cross Sky
CD In the Spirit (comedy)
CD Spirit of Matilda (multi-media)
Book Under the Southern Cross Sky





Bill Kearns

Book Bultitude’s Dog and other verses

Book The Bull Collection

CD Unstoppabull

CD Not Negotiabull

CD Ropeabull

CD Unforgettabull.

Bernie Keleher

CD Having a Laugh & a Joke Before I Croak!


Ray Kelly
Book Flight to the Chookhouse Roof
Book Go, Lovely Nose ISBN 0 7340 3083 3


Zondrae King

Book 'Most Awarded'




Brian Langley

Sun, Sand and Saltwater
The Forest and other Verses
Tales from the Sea
Driving in the Outback
You Could Write a Poem about That
CD I'm Proud to Be Australia
CD It's a Bugger Gettin' Old


Lance Lawrence

Book Lash Laroo Rode In, "Capricornia awakes" and other poems
Keith (Cobber ) Lethbridge

Rough Rhymes for Tough Times
The Legend of Mother McQ
Damper & Tea
Wild Camel Stew (& Even Worse Verse)
The Six Mile War
A Dog Without Fleas
CD Good Morning Folks, Fellas & Females – Cobber & His Mates at Derby.

Jan Lewis

CD Beyond The Gate


Ron Liekefett

CD The Edward Harrington Collection Vol 1
CD Paranoia And Other Disorders


John Lloyd
CD Horse Bells and Hobble Chains
Book From Wagonettes to Road Trains



Neil McArthur

CD Golden Thongs
CD Love Thongs
CD Tragic Tales From the Thong Factory

Laurie McDonald
CD Laurie McDonald Live at the Murrumbateman Pub

Keith McKenry

CD Bugger the Music, Give Us a Poem

Peter Mace

CD C'mon for a laugh and a cry


Bob Magor

CD Caravanning Bliss
CD The Exodus
Many other Books and CDs. See website

Max Merckenschlager
CD Poems from Grenfell

Maggie Murphy

CD A Little Bit Of Land
PO Box 199 Heathcote Vic 3523




Naked Poets
CD Naked Poets...lie...v!
CD Naked Poets 2 Newdirections
CD Naked Poets 3...Butt seriously
CD Naked Poets 4 Swingin' Ockers

Greg (Scruff) Newsome
CD - Scruffs Aussie Yarns
Book - Scruffs Aussie Verse ISBN 978-0-646-52931-8

Gregory North
DVD Man of Many Hats
CD Fully Sick Mate
DVD Stick It  

CD Frackin' Fricker
CD Winton's Wisp of Banjo Paterson
Book Limericks and Littlies




Paddy O’Brien

CD The Irish Trio



Glenny Palmer

CD From the Lip
CD The Best (& Baddest)
Book Laughs Larricans & Lovely Ladies ISBN 0-646-36722-6
Book Lend Me Your Ear ... Or I'll Steal It


John Pampling

CD The Joker Writes Again

Martin Pattie (Warooa)
CD Beards n' Boots n' Birthday Suits 

Dave Proust
CD Prousty Live
CD Prousty Still A-Live
DVD Prousty Still A-Live


Bert Pullen

Book: Home Is Where the Heart Is
Book: Once Were Railways
Book: Proudly Australian






Anita Reed

CD The Hall at Apple Tree Creek and other poems

Terry Regan

CD Through the Horse's Eyes & other poems


Claire Reynolds

CD A Toast to Australia
CD Laughter and Tears





Dennis Scanlon

CD You Know You're in Australia
Book You Know You're in Australia

Evan Schnalle
The Best of the Best of the Best
G'Day Folks I'm Evan
The Masters of Yesterday 

Tim Sheed
CD Classic Australian Bush Verse
CD Raining on the Plains - Songs of the Riverina

Jim Spain
CD Maggin’ with Macca.
Book Bootin’ About The Bush – hard copy.
Books My Australia series - POD.
Books Bootin' About Series – POD.
Books Roamin' 'round Series – POD.
Books Amblin' Australia Series – POD.

Noel Stallard
Various CDs and Books including poetry of John O'Brien and Bruce Simpson  

Robyn Sykes
Book & CD Voices of the Fire



Caroline Tuohey
Book Riverina Rain And Other Poems
Book 'Climb' (Rhyming Children's Picture Book)
Book Forest Wonder (Rhyming Children's Picture Book)
Book Boof Goes To Beauty School (Children's Picture Book)


U, V, W

Manfred Vijars
CD Please Call Me Mate and Other Rhymings
CD Bargo Bargo and Other Rhymings 

Grahame "Skew Wiff" Watt

CD G'day!


Chris & The Grey (Merv Webster)
CD Pull Up a Stump and Listen!
CD Blacklisted


Duncan Williams

CD Poetic Collection
CD Western Overland Drover

Roderick Williams
CD Travel The Red Road
Book Frogs and Dogs and Kids  


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