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, membership of the Australian Bush Poets Association (ABPA) comprises of writers, performers and individuals who are interested in bush poetry and enjoy written and live stories in rhyme and metre. If you have an interest in this piece of Australian culture called Bush Poetry, you are welcome here.

The objectives of the Australian Bush Poets Association is to foster and encourage the growth of Bush Poetry in Australia. By definition, Australian Bush Poetry is metred and rhymed poetry about Australia, Australians and/or the Australian way of life.

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Vale Barry Lake
With deep regret we report the passing of Barry Lake on Tues- day 2 September after a short illness.  Barry was a staunch supporter of the ABPA and an avid collector and presenter of bush poetry. He was well known in the bush poetry and folk music festival scenes as a poet, noted compere and volunteer worker.

Vale Bob Sanders
It is such sad news to know that Bush Poet Bob Sanders did not come through his long struggle.  On behalf of the ABPA Committee and Membership we extend our heartfelt condolences to Lois and to all those who loved this great Aussie character. The Bush Poetry community has lost a true performer and a good mate.

Competition Package is now available with guidelines, judging and competition sheets, accredited judges list and application form and approved competitions list. If found necessary, these documents are open to amendment or changes as required following membership input and committee approval.

Roll of Honour lists Australian Bush Poetry Champions and ABPA Executive members since inception.

Meet a Poet (or two) – John & Carmel Lloyd

Feature Poet - we are introducing our wonderful poets (both performers and writers) to newcomers and to the general public by featuring a different ABPA poet on the Website each month. Poets featured will come from the entire membership and may be professionals, semi-professionals or amateurs, but each will be a worthy role model to represent the ABPA membership.

John & Carmel LloydJohn Lloyd looks the part, and he is the part – the genuine article, an optimist through and through, with a love for the Australian bush and the outback way of life. John is a true Aussie identity. He has worked most of his life in the bush and can relate tales of that time with uncanny perception. John’s droving experiences took him from the Channel Country to Bulloo Downs, from the Gulf Country to the Cooper and to all parts of outback Queensland and NSW. His experiences in the 1980’s in the Northern Territory catching wild buffalo, led to his career domesticating them and now raring them on his properties in Calen on the Queensland coast and at Kempsey in central NSW for both the meat, dairy and subsidiary industries.

They say opposites attract and the Lloyds’ long-term, happy marriage proves this. Carmel’s background running dance schools from the NT to Papua New Guinea could not have been in greater contrast and John is the first to respect her adaptation to the harsher conditions sharing in their joint venture and leading a life of “Buffalo and Ballet”.

In addition to rearing and shifting stock both John and Carmel are very successful performance poets and yarn spinners with a swag of awards to their names including John’s ABPA Queensland Championship and Winton Waltzing Matilda Awards and Carmel’s Gympie Muster. Their busy lives take them on many exciting journeys and you will find them at festivals and events all around eastern Australia entertaining and sharing their true life adventures with flair and colour.

As a writer, John’s poems are mostly based on personal episodes and his first-hand knowledge of the bush lends itself to a rawness and authenticity that is visible in his poetry. He is a great story teller and a “painter of pictures” in verse. He draws you into his experiences around the campfire, at rodeos, out droving, or buffalo catching.

John’s inspirational CDs and his books From Wagonettes to Road Trains (ABLA Finalist) and When the Nightwatch Sang a Song are available from  or from PO Box 111, Calen, Queensland 4798.

We are proud to have Carmel and John as ABPA members.

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Thank You Festival Co-ordinators – Brian Langley ‘The City Poet’

We are very fortunate this year that bush poetry events will have included four State Bush Poetry Performance and Written Championships, held under the auspices of the ABPA. These championships are not run by the ABPA as an organization but by individual members who are willing to dedicate their time and energy to helping to present bush poetry as stand-alone events or through integrating it into other festival activities.  In doing so, they hold Bush Poetry competitions basically in accordance with formats and guidelines that are still proving successful.  These competitions foster camaraderie between poets at all levels of development and provide for those members who enjoy either performing or watching both the more traditional aspects of bush poetry and the modern, more humorous approach that has helped to expand the popularity of our genre.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all festival and competition co-ordinators and their committees for the work they are doing towards preserving, maintaining and expanding our unique cultural heritage through oral and written, bush poetry, yarns and storytelling. 

This month we say  Thank You to ...

Brian Langley ‘The City Poet’

Brian LangleyHaving organised many major performance and written competitions including the West Australian Championships of 2005, 2008, 2011 and 2013, Brian emphasises the fact that planning way ahead is an essential part of preparing for any event.

“There are many steps to be taken when setting out to organise a major poetry competition. My philosophy in life is ‘get it right the first time’, so this means that all contingencies must be considered and all necessary organisation and paperwork be done BEFORE it is needed. This will go a long way to minimising hiccups on the day.”

“The ABPA have organised a standardised competition package in order to have similarity across Australia, I commend them for this, for it not only minimises discrepancies across our land but has simplified the work of competition managers in that many of the forms needed are now downloadable from the ABPA website.”

The new organisers of the 2014 WA Championships to be held 24th – 26th October in Toodyay, will benefit from Brian’s helpful advice and the ABPA  thanks him for sharing his knowledge and experience with us all.

N.B. Brian’s ‘Steps for Organising a Major Competition’ now form part of the current ABPA Competition Package and are available for download on the Competitions page.

Member Achievements – Glenny Palmer

The ABPA also wishes to acknowledge the achievements of members who specialise in specific areas which help to promote the cause of the ABPA and of Bush Poetry in general.


Croc & Glenny“Approaching Glenny to contribute to this section, despite her many achievements as one of our first and most successful female bush poets, she felt that in recent times her greatest contribution was to publish the poems of her partner, John ‘croc’ Moss, and to establish in his honour, a new Bush Poetry event in Theodore, Queensland, where they spent his last years together.

We thank Glenny for demonstrating that even when times are really tough, if you put your energy towards something worthwhile “it can be done”.

“Prior to the sad day when my poetic sweetheart ‘croc’ succumbed to his terminal ‘Motor Neurone Disease’, I had decided that his unique poetry should be made available to the world before we lost him forever. With the help of many of our dear ABPA poet friends (predominantly Zondrae King) his first book, ‘The World According to croc’ was created.  The rush was well and truly on then to provide a viable Bush Poetry venue in the heritage sheds on my property, where ‘The Copper Croc Poetry Awards’ and the release of croc’s book could be staged. Some of our poets travelled great distances to not only say their goodbyes to croc, but to get stuck in with hammers and shovels to actually help create the venue! However, as I was to later write in my farewell poem to croc, ‘Angels on their mission leave such scant time for goodbye’…croc was buried just the day before the scheduled event. The Aussie spirit kicked in and we forged on to stage the most wonderful farewell for him. We had campfires burning, sausages sizzling, and wonderful performances from Brenda Joy, Bob Pacey, Zondrae King, and our darling Kym Eitel, who was so bravely fighting her own similar battle.

As yet these awards are for written work only, but I hope to expand that as the response is so encouraging. Space precludes my acknowledging all of those who so lovingly contributed, but I will never forget them, or their invaluable input into what is now an acknowledged yearly event on our Bush Poetry calendar.

Glenny’s CDs and Croc’s and her books are available at glennypoet at bigpond dot com
You can find out more about Glenny and access her useful advice on the Techniques page.

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