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WELCOME, membership of the Australian Bush Poets Association (ABPA) is comprised of writers, performers and individuals who are interested in bush poetry and enjoy written and live stories in rhyme and metre. If you have an interest in this piece of Australian culture called Bush Poetry, you are welcome here.

The objectives of the Australian Bush Poets Association is to foster and encourage the growth of Bush Poetry in Australia. By definition, Australian Bush Poetry is metred and rhymed poetry about Australia, Australians and/or the Australian way of life.

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The ABPA keeps in touch with our members through this website (and forum) and our bi-monthly magazine of Bush Poetry news, events, results of written and spoken competitions as well as samples of contemporary bush poetry. Many members have books, CDs and other products. These can be advertised in the magazine. For rates, click here. The deadline for ads and other content for the magazine is the 22nd of the month preceding publication. Magazines are published at the beginning of February, April, June, August, October and December.

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WANTED: Gary is after any copies or somewhere to obtain any of Don Lloyd's CDs. He will pay any cost to purchase them. Phone Gary on 0466 184 202.

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The Australian Bush Poets Association Inc is a Registered Not For Profit Charity.  ABN 17 145 367 949.
Authorised by The Treasurer, Carol Hutcheson,
48 Avoca Street, Kingaroy, Qld. Phone 07 4162 5878
using Gaming Rules as set by the various State Governments.

Meet a Poet - Kevin Pye

Kevin PyeI am fourth generation Mudgee born, now retired Primary School Principal, having spent 27 years in Public Schools at Mudgee, Urana,North Star, Millthorpe, Parkes and Cudgegong Valley.

I have played most sports, most successfully Cricket which saw me appointed to the original Country Umpires Panel with games involving all the touring International teams in the 1990's. I was later the NSW Country Advisor, mentoring and appraising the development of others.

I am interested in all things Australian from history to collecting early china and glassware.

I have a particular interest in the life and work of Henry Lawson and have been writing traditional verse since retirement in 2000. Thanks to mentors like the late Ellis Campbell and also Carol Heuchan, I have found sufficient initiative to self publish 8 books. Sometimes a few judges have seen some merit in lines and given encouragement to enter suitable competitions. I have twice made the final 5 for Book of the Year, have won or been finalist 3 times in Song Lyric Awards, won the Boldrewood and Dunedoo awards and collected minor placings from Second to Commended several times.

I am a writer, not a reciter but having taught Creative Writing and Public Speaking, have been invited to judge in both categories.

See previously featured poets.

Achievers - Mary Finch

Mary FinchBy choice, for many years Mary Finch was content to remain in the background as main supporter, adviser, and coach to her husband Wally. Her own gifted talent for performance poetry seemed destined to remain dormant indefinitely. However, she was eventually coerced to perform. 

Right from the outset, Mary's potential to be a great poet was so obvious she spent very little time in Novice Competition.  In fact, she broke her Novice status one day and performed in Open the next — being placed in the top three of every category with some serious competition from a large line-up.  Considering her background, perhaps, there is no surprise in that.

In an earlier life, Mary spent six years full time study at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music (giving us a fair indication her first love is singing).  From her comprehensive formal training Mary gained a large variety of skills in various disciplines such as language (English and Italian), voice projection, and heap of other assets invaluable to performance of both poetry and singing. These facets went well within the country music scene.

Once Mary started performing bush poetry in her own right, she also discovered talents for judging and organising events in our genre  —  which she thoroughly enjoys as it gives so many opportunities to put her formal training and performance skills to best use.  In her comments to the competitors, she tries to be as helpful as possible and to give positive, sincere encouragement. 

Mary’s poetry and songs done from the perspective of a fun-filled, feminine point of view, are performed straight from the heart.


David Campbell has recently had an article published in The Australian newspaper accusing Contemporary Australian Poetry editors of neglecting rhymed verse. See the article here.

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Garry Lowe not going well

Garry LoweLong-term ABPA member, Garry Lowe, has been having a bad time in recent months. In early April Garry suffered a brain bleed. For a couple of months he seemed to be recovering but then started going rapidly down hill.

Daphne, Garry's partner, has advised that he is now at the stage where he rarely speaks, and even then, on some occasions, it makes no sense. Garry was transferred from hospital to a Nursing Home in early August.

Any Poets who wish to enquire about Garry's situation can ring Daphne on Garry's mobile: 0428 266 840.

Garry, whose name appears on The Wall of Fame at the Longyard Hotel in Tamworth, has for many, many years been a clever writer, wonderful performer and very good judge of Performance Competitions. He had a great, outgoing personality and will be sadly missed on the bush poetry scene.

[Thanks to Terry Regan for this update.]

Poets entertaining travellers around the traps

Mel and Susie on TourMel & Susie on Tour - Lightning Ridge NSW.
Daily shows at 4:30 pm for guests at Opal Caravan Park.
Stay tuned for regular shows at their own theatre - A Hidden Gem - due to start once construction is completed (it's the outback, so things happen in their own good time!)

Poetry on a PlateAndrew Hull, Poetry on a Plate - Bourke NSW.
6.30pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights at Kidmans Camp, North Bourke.
The season runs from April through until October.

Brenda JoyBrenda Joy and Hal Pritchard - Texas Longhorn Wagon Tours north of Charters Towers Qld. Depending on demand and conditions. May through September.

Gregory NorthGregory North - Winton Qld
Nightly at 7 pm at Matilda Country Tourist Park, 43 Chirnside Street Winton Qld.
3-course dinner available at 6pm for $24 each.
Also 'The Life and Rhymes of Banjo Paterson' show each afternoon (after the chook races) at the North Gregory Hotel. Yes, Gregory North at the North Gregory Hotel!
Now until the Winton Outback Festival (19-23 September).